Summary in English

On the first EstCon in summer 1998 it was decided that there should be some output for stories from beginning authors and also for news about sf/f/h in Estonia and in the world. As using paper seemed too old-fashioned, webzine Algernon was founded; the first number was published in November 1998. (The name is taken from Daniel Keyes’ story “Flowers for Algernon” that happened also to be the title of the one and only collection of western science fiction we had in Soviet era.) In the beginning there were many authors with lots of stories in their drawers. It’s not so any more and instead of monthly Algernon has turned into quarterly. Since 2000 the editors have been selecting what goes and what not – and trying to give some advice to authors of stories not considered on the necessary level yet.

We do publish translations from other languages. Not only from English – in Estonia there are long traditions to translate from originals. Warning: not publishing everything sent to us goes about foreign authors too. We will translate your stories only if we like ‘em and find ‘em in some way good examples for our beginning authors to learn from.